Friday, September 21, 2012

What I'm reading

I thought I’d share the list of wonderful books from incredible authors I’m reading. You’ll see it’s an eclectic mix. Mostly romance but some other books as well. Let me start with the non-romance books first.

I’m re-reading The Columbus Affair by Steve Berry. This man can write. He’s a master at crafting a tale that intrigues the reader to keep turning the page. If you’re into thrillers with a big interwoven plot that ties to the history in ways that surprises, with a hero who starts off in a very dark place, with bad guys who you love to hate but can actually understand their motivation, and with stakes so high your heart will race during the read…if all that is true, this book is for you.

A dear friend of mine recommended Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. It has been turned into a movie with Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and more big stars. I haven’t begun this one but am looking forward to this mix of genres with a thread of reincarnation between lovers and friends who reconnect again and again through many lives.

Knowing Lexi Blake is working on the third installment of her Masters in Mercenaries series, I’m going to re-read the first two books to prepare myself for book three. I love her unique voice, which has a depth that can take you through tough issues for her characters and has a rich humor that lightens the darkest of places.

Kallypso Masters’s newest book, Nobody’s Perfect is a must read for me. I know this is going to be a three-boxes-of-tissue book for me. Like many, I have my own history that relates to Savannah’s.

Shayla Black’s Mine to Hold is on the list, too. She writes some amazing stories that rip your heart out and leave you with a smile that the characters who get their well-deserved happily ever after.

That’s the list. I can’t wait. I strive to write the kind of books that I’ve listed above. Books that move. Books that matter. Books that are remembered. Books that are re-read. Fingers crossed I can.

Dream Big!


Monday, August 6, 2012

Love Ink Trading Cards

With AAD NOLA on the horizon I wanted to give everyone a heads up. My PA, Brandy, designed some great trading cards for the Love Ink series. I'll have them at AAD and will be passing them out. There's just one thing....after she designed, ordered them and has had them sitting in her house for a bit, I changed the name of my hero for Cupid's Arrow.

Originally his name was Titos. With and 'o'. There was some concern that people may read his name wrong.

Tight-os instead of Teet-os

So Titos became Titus and the name on the trading card is wrong. Sorry folks. I didn't make Brandy aware of the change until recently.

They are still wonderful cards and everything else is staying the same. I hope you'll just overlook this slight changed and love them as much as I do.

Dream Big! Kris Cook

Friday, August 3, 2012

Cover Reveal: Ares' Sword

Now that Cupid's Arrow is out I wanted to give you a peek at the cover of the next book in the series: 

Ares' Sword

Cole Powers
Warfare Expert
Grandson of Ares - Greek God of War

Dream Big! Kris Cook